Goodbye Q Like The Letter. Welcome Brad.Ford

13054675_10154272374323254_606322167_oCreating an image is hard enough let alone throwing everything out and starting over. What we as music lovers forget is that our favourite artists are going to grow and so will their music. There is always a point in time where we realize we need to make a change for the better. Brad Ford or as I know him Q, has come to that realization. One year ago today we were sitting in a coffee shop together as I asked him question after question about his music. Q was getting set to play his first music festival and his second live show. It was also my first ever CMW so we both had an excited, nervousness to us. He was confident but you could easily tell there was a lot that he still needed to learn. Shortly after that day I saw him rock a small stage in front of his friends and family. You could see the determination and passion he had for this.

Q has given up on a few things in his past but for some reason his love for music couldn’t be shaken. Since his CMW debut he put out his debut project, made the semifinals at Indie week and traveled to New York for music. With so many things happening so fast he started to yearn for a change. Still determined to make this work he started from scratch, quickly dropping Q Like The Letter for his new alter ego Brad.Ford. The simple name goes perfectly with the new spacey, melodic sound. Brad is now stretching his musical talents as his new track “Winnie” is almost all singing.


“I did five shows last year; I went from playing no shows in 3 years to 5 shows in one year. And this year I probably won’t do any shows because I’m trying to rebuild.”

You could tell in his voice that Brad had been contemplating a change for some time. He knew that it was something he needed to do but how does one take another leap of faith and start over?

“The music I’m making now is closer to the true music I want to be making.”

Hearing that hit hard, lots of artists coming out these days are way too cocky. Brad knows he’s not at the point he wants to be musically just yet but he’s closer than Q Like The Letter ever was. Sitting in his room hearing him rant about music for about an hour and a half left me in shock. He has what it takes to make it, the hard working ethic, the dream and more importantly the love for the music.

“Q Like The Letter was not going to work with the new stuff. At the end of the day I’m gaining traction, things are happening I’m getting shows. But the problem I was having was that there was not an after effect from the shows. It was like okay this kid can really perform but those opportunities were not coming.”

Even before the re brand Q has always been a guy who knows exactly what he wants and does what it takes to get it. Q tells me about one of the good things that did come out of New York, his new name. One of the producers he was working with gave him the idea to use Brad.Ford. Of course he said it in a Brooklyn accent but that name stuck with Q.

“My next show is going to be a sold out show”

Just like when he told me he was going to take over the city with only one show under his belt, Q or Brad.Ford has the confidence and determination it takes. His new sound will have you instantly hooked for more. “Winnie” is just the start of the Brad.Ford movement, just know that.


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