CMW Preview: Ambient, Psychedelic, Chillwave

CMW is happening next week.  If you’ve been following, we’ve posted a preview for Folk and Country and for Rock and Alternative.   However, if you enjoy some slow jams, atmospheric melodies or trippy blasts of noise, these’s are some artists you should see live at Canadian Music Week this year.

Dolce – Umea, Sweden


A duo from Sweden, Dolce brings Scandinavian ambiance to CMW next week.  The atmospheric vocals and guitar by Anna Levander and piano by Leopold Nilsson create a calming environment wherever you listen to them.  Sway and enjoy the relaxing music of Dolce on Tuesday, May 3rd at Handlebar at 11:00 pm.


Meltybrains? – Dublin, Ireland


An ambient-psychedelic band from Dublin, Meltybrains? (yes, the question mark is part of their name) takes the listener on a wild ride through every song, filling them with ringing synths, robotic voices and pulsing drums.  You can be taking for an amazing trip here in Toronto when they perform on Tuesday, May 3rd at Handlebar at 10:00 pm, Wednesday, May 4th at The Piston at 11:00 pm and Thursday, May 5th at Nightowl at 11:00 pm.


Fat White Family – London, England


A psychedelic rock band that makes the music they want to make, and not care what anyone thinks, Fat White Family is one of the main acts this year at CMW, headlining two showcases. The almost whispered lyrics add a closeness between audience and band, while the instrumentation, pulling from post-punk and grunge, could break that with a short burst of noise.  Rock out to Fat White Family on Friday, May 6th at Lee’s Palace at 12:00 am and Saturday, May 7th at Velvet Underground at 12:00 am.


Sunflower Bean – Brooklyn, USA

Sunflower Bean

A psychedelic chillwave trio from Brooklyn, Sunflower Bean brings angelic vocals and rocking guitar and drums together seamlessly.  Bringing in pop, surf, punk and electronica, the sound of Sunflower Bean takes the audience for a ride away from the present.  Check them out on Friday, May 6th at Lees’s Palace at 11:00 pm and on Saturday, May 7th at Hard Luck Bar at 12:00 am.


Acid†Priest – Toronto, Canada


A psychedelic punk band, Acid†Priest does not hold back with the wall of noise they love to produce.  The distortion on the vocals and guitars add to the fractured feel of their music.  Make sure to see them on Wednesday, May 4th at Hard Luck Bar at 12:00 am, and Saturday, May 7th, at Smiling Buddha at 11:00 pm.


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