DARTS Interview

During Canadian Music Week, I attended the Aussie BBQ at The Horseshoe Tavern.  While there, I was able to interview the Melbourne group DARTS.  Here’s what Jessie had to say about Canada, how the band started and new music.

How did DARTS start?

It actually started with Angus and his brother, our drummer, as a two piece.  I knew the guys from gigging around the same sort of venues in Melbourne.  Angus asked me to join the band, and over the past seven years, it’s just grown, keep adding more people.

What would be the major influences for the band?

We’re pretty eclectic, but definitely Pixies, Modest Mouse, Neil Young.

How was recording the newest EP?

Our last album took over a year, and this most recent one was a lot less time, with the writing process as well.  It was recorded in a much better studio.  Looking forward to releasing it soon.

What does the next year look like for you guys?

We have no idea.  We’re gonna release the record.  We want to come back here, it’s an amazing place, everyone’s really perceptive. North America’s definitely in the cards.  This is our first time as a band over seas.

How are the audiences here different compared to Australia?

They’re very similar.  The crowds are just there and everyone’s really loud.  Like I said, really want to come back, it’s such fun to play.


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