Go Deep with The Invisible’s Patience

Featured photo by Phil Sharp.

A deep groove, slick syncopated rhythms, soulful vocals, and dynamic ambiance are the sounds that fans of The Invisible have grown to love, and the band has returned to deliver another album of infectious tracks. Their third full record, Patience, is set for release this Friday, June 10, and for anyone who is in the mood for some smooth R&B with a unique twist, this is an album not to miss.

The Invisible is firmly rooted in R&B, but it does not take long to hear the diverse range of music that works its way into Patience. The melodic, heavy baselines, vocal style, and the overall rhythm come distinctly from the world of soul and funk, but the indie rock aesthetic colours the music in a way that shifts The Invisible out of the norm. Every song is layered with warm, full synthesizers which give the album an atmospheric vibe found commonly in indie rock or pop. Rather than the stripped-down, tight-but-loose style of R&B, The Invisible fill the space with texture to explore. The chord progressions feel a little closer to the straightforward minor sound of rock than the jazzy, blues-infused soul, but there is certainly a little of both. This blending of genres makes Patience an album that most music fans can enjoy.

Patience can hit you on the immediately-rewarding level in terms of beat and melody, but it has plenty for the listener more inclined towards depth and subtlety. A song like “Different (feat. Rosie Lowe)” could easily make it onto a party playlist with Prince and Michael Jackson, and the full album is more than suitable for private, detailed listening. When this record drops on Friday, make sure to give it a try. There’s something in it for almost everyone.

Much Love,



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