WATCH: Heavy Winds by Union Duke

Blenderites! How’s it going? How’ve ya been? I know, I know. It’s been a real long time. We let life get in the way, and we’re sorry. I promise though, that we have some exciting things coming in 2018, and you’ll just have to take my word for it. Until then we’ll try to be around a bit more. We know how important it is to have good music recommended to you.

I really just stopped in to tell you about Union Duke’s new video for their song “Heavy Winds”. Avid readers of the Indie Blender will know or remember that we kind of love Union Duke. You can read our review of their sophomore album Cash & Carry (2014) here. They also played our 1 year anniversary/Birthday Bash and of course brought the house down. You can stream their newest album, Golden Days, and if you’re as blown away by it as I was, you should support independent music and buy the album (you won’t regret it). But as I said in my review, and I’ll keep saying to anyone who’ll listen, Union Duke is a band best seen live. Their shows are legendary, usually packed to the ceilings, and with enough energy (from both the band and the crowd) to power a small city.

Now, enough selling, on to the video! The video for “Heavy Winds” is the second of two by director Banner Isaac who describes the video as:

“A throwback to the golden days of music variety shows. Combining the southern glitz of the “Grand Ole Opry” and the rawness of the “Midnight Special”, the bands clean country performance turns into a whiskey fueled shindig when the magic of live television takes a very sharp turn… Goodbye wholesome family fun and Hello dirty crotch flasks!”

You can spot cameos by The Sheepdogs’ and BROS’ Shamus Currie and Torero’s Lenny Bull and my high school pal Rebeccah. The video is just a whole lot of fun, and not only accurately portrays their stage presence and camaraderie, but also their sense of humor, keen fashion sense (I’m looking at you Ethan Smith!), and of course, the mustache, sideburns and hat that Rob stole from a 70’s cowboy (read: porn star).


Now that you’ve watched that amazingness, why don’t you also watch the other Banner Isaac/Union Duke video for their tune “Baby Don’t Break” which is slightly more on the serious side (only slightly) and both a beautiful song and beautiful video.

Both videos, and in fact the band’s entire discography, are definitely something you’ll want to share with your entire family and friends as you celebrate Thanksgiving – don’t forget your crotch flasks! (For any non-Canadians, yes, our Thanksgiving is in October, get over it.) And now that you brought up Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Indie Blender! We’re thankful for independent music and musicians and we’re thankful for you!

The boys head out west near the end of the month for four dates in Alberta (late October/early November) and then three whole weeks in Saskatchewan. If you’re reading this, and live out there, don’t sleep on this opportunity to see one of the best live acts in any genre.


Tour Dates

October 13 – Aurora, ON – Aurora Cultural Centre

October 27 – Edmonton, AB – New Moon Folk Club

October 28 – Calgary, AB – Nickelodeon Music Club

October 29 – Grande Prairie, AB – Grande Prairie Live Theatre

November 3 – Coronation, AB – Coronation Royal Performing Arts

November 4 – Macklin, SK – Macklin Arts Council

November 6 – Kindersley, SK – Kindersley & District Arts Council

November 7 – Leader, SK – Leader & District Arts Council

November 8 – Biggar, SK – Biggar & District Arts Council

November 9 – Rosthern, SK – Station Arts Centre

November 10 – La Ronge, SK – La Ronge Arts Council

November 12 – Melfort, SK – Melfort Arts Council

November 15 – Preeceville, SK – Whitehawk Arts Council

November 16 – Yorkton, SK – Yorkton Arts Council

November 17 – Watrous, SK – Watrous Area Srts Council

November 18 – Shaunavon, SK – Shaunavon Arts Council

November 24 – Bonnyville, AB – The Bonnyville Centennial Centre

November 25 – Bonnyville, AB – The Bonnyville Centennial Centre

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