Do yourself a favour and check out one of Toronto’s newest bands, Favours.

So about six weeks ago or so, I received an email from a band called Favours, and it completely fell through the cracks. It wasn’t until this past Friday night, when I saw them open for Vancouver’s The Zolas at their single release party at the Bovine, that they burst onto my radar. The Zolas hand picked them after receiving submissions from a ton of bands. If anything that endorsement should have even more weight than mine. Favours is the kind of band we like to write about. Why? Because they’re really, really, really new. How new? Well, their Instagram page only dates back to March, Facebook to May, and Twitter to July. They have exactly 1 (one!!!) song out, a video which you can find below, and played their first show at the beginning of June. It doesn’t really get much more ground floor than this. So be a good human and go give them a follow on all the social medias (which I have kindly linked for you above), and then come back here so I can tell you about their music, because that’s why you’re really here, right?

Followed the band on all of the socials? Watched the above video? Or at least clicked play and listened to the song? Okay good. According to the band, the world of “In The Night” was created in a house that had been deserted for over twenty years. Having the ability to come up with whatever kind of fantasy world they wanted, they decided to come up with the weirdest one they could muster. Having been inspired by stills from their “favourite Criterion films and the Sannyasins of Oregon,” they came up with “a utopia dominated by women in baby blue.’ A teen enters through an open window with no idea what he’s getting himself into. Lots of cool things about this video besides the somewhat obvious themes. (Did you see that the cymbal was sitting on one of the women’s heads? What about the half pipe?)

The song, which was recorded at Candle Recording Studio with Josh Korody (Dilly Dally, Weaves), is a witchy, synth-heavy ballad with some psychedelic leanings written for those unable to escape the soul-sucking cycle of monotony, who long for dreams and goals that seem to be just out of their grasp. If this song is any indication, this band is going to be one to watch in the months to come, and if you weren’t lying earlier, you’ll be in the know when the next one drops because you followed them on social media!

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