The Economy Is Fucked. Catch Dead Broke On This Spring Tour & Relate. *Interview*

Oakville’s Dead Broke has been hard at work this year. They recently premiered their first music video for “Bullet” and have independently booked a string of shows ranging from Ontario to the Maritimes. If you like Punk Rock, vivacious shows, a good time, and aren’t a tool then follow these steps:

1. Click play on their new video.

2. Check out the tour dates. 

3. Get stoked.

4. Go to a show.

5. Take pleasure in knowing you are at least a 10% better person now.

10402487_965286356822906_7730662941245697365_n (1)

If you haven’t gotten into this Band yet, now is the time. They are picking up steam playing shows with the likes of Single Mothers, The Dirty Nil & Dead Tired and bring a great high energy sound and their own unique touch to a style of music that can get a little full of itself and repetitive at times. Visit their Bandcamp to get familiar.


I had the chance to talk with their Lead Singer, Mike, about playing Canadian Music Week, putting the shows together, and the process of recording a music video. Take a listen but WARNING! …. You might get more pumped to see them.  

Interview Originally Aired Via Q92Timmins

So visit a Dead Broke show. It’l leave you dancing. Like them on Facebook for more tour updates.


I realize this article had nothing to do with the Economy but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s fucked. I’m Daly. I’m on Twitter.

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